Posted by Saint on Thu, 08/12/2004 - 1:46pm.
If you want to really overthink it, keep in mind that a slight majority of babies begin as twins, with the stronger twin absorbing the weaker--a sort of embryonic cannibalism. So, as a single, you have to wonder: Was I a twin? Assuming you were, then you also must wonder: If fundamentalists are right, and life begins at conception, am I going to hell for the murder of my sibling? Is my twin going to start growing, like in the Dark Half? Am I the good twin or the evil twin--or do I have to be both, since I absorbed the other one? Did my twin taste more like beef, or pork, or chicken?

My dad and his brother weren't identical twins, but they did look quite similar as children. So Granny used her husband's grease pencil to put a mark on one of the babies, to make sure she knew who was who (apparently she was the only one allowed to know, though, because she insisted on dressing them identically until they got old enough to clearly look different). I'm not sure how long she continued the practice--obviously, it had to stop before the boys were old enough to wash off the old mark and put a new one on the wrong boy.
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