Speaking of musical references...
Posted by paul on Mon, 08/09/2004 - 10:42pm.
This weekend I went to the Renaissance Faire in Sterling NY with my son. They had, of course, a Queen Elizabeth walking around officiating things and posing for pictures and whatnot. So every time I saw her and her retinue walking past I whistled "Scotland the Brave". You'd think that at least one of the reenactors would have caught that and reacted...

And toward the end of our time there we caught the end of an act at which the queen was officiating, and when the major-domo (or whatever he was supposed to be) led the cheer of "God save the queen!" I turned to my son and snarled "We really mean it, maaaan!" I wouldn't have thought that the Sex Pistols were an obscure reference, but not one single person in the audience around us reacted.

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