I assume
Posted by umrguy on Sun, 07/18/2004 - 2:40am.
...by the $5 large pizza you're referring to Domino's, which I happen to be right across the street from (in the big building). And I still say the massive Papa John's billboard sitting right at the edge of the Domino's parking lot is possibly the greatest advertising coup I've ever personally witnessed.

Also, what's your definition of cold? I mean, depending on how things go, I don't consider it cold until at least mid-November, typically until then, it's just "chilly". Although I recall my freshman year, when one of the girls in our dorm, Holly, who was from Alabama, was sitting out wearing a winter coat like in October, while my roommate walked by in jeans and tshirts :)

Actually, looking again at your username, I should've realized that yes you are indeed here now.

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