Death rattle?
Posted by Mike on Wed, 07/21/2004 - 8:28am.
Nah, there's just a loose bolt in the air conditioning. Here, lemme get that. (*quarter twist*) There, right as rain!

(Being the only person in the bar sucks. Being the only guy in a bar...)

Er, and you might not want to jar that door too much. Security systems were set, passwords were forgotten, experiments left unchecked. Maybe I should just brick the thing up and plead ignorance. You haven't noticed any... radiation leaks or anything, have you? Um, no reason! Just making conversation!

Yeah, it's been a while since there's been a new front page post, but then again this blog is a lot more poster friendly than most. You could also get distracted by the back pages if you were so inclined. Not that I do that or anything. (*cough*)

I'd say it's just a summer thing. One of my two part-time jobs ends this week, and several-- uh, projects-- should be wrapped up within the next ten days or so, so I'll have more time to play around here, okay? I'm sure other people are just as busy. Let's not have the place condemned just yet.

Note to self: keep more of an ear out for crazy people's conversations.
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