Posted by daen on Sun, 07/18/2004 - 10:34pm.
peeks in, then enters the IP complex.
Wanders over to the corner table near the bar. Dusts it, paying special attention to the sign reading "The Sophist is Out."
Runs a wet cloth over the bar and checks the supply of Hard Lemonade and absinthe.
Idly checks the supply closet, even though the last peeps vanished months ago. Changes the bedding in the empty hedgehog cages.
Flips the switch on the Hamster Beacon, but it doesn't light up. Sighs and grabs the mop to dust under the desks.
Carefully folds the bittergirl cape and puts it in lost and found beside the whip.
Double-checks to make sure the Reserved for the Cleavagemobile sign is still up.
Notes that the door to Mike's room is still locked and there's no light showing.

Another quiet night in IP.

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