Regarding Hummers
Posted by brian65401 on Sat, 07/03/2004 - 6:05pm.
The military Hummer HMMWV is very functional and is one of the better decisions the military has made in recent years regarding transportation (reference the FMTV -- Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles).

However, riding in the front passenger seat, as I was often required to as the senior officer in the vehicle, will make you hate this vehicle.
#1. That seat is directly over the 24v battery box. That means you get no springs, just a 1" cushion on a steel plate. Add this to the first dirt trail on your left and you suddenly hate this vehicle.
#2 WHAT!? The noise level inside the cab of the HMMWV is approximately equal to a front row seat at a Metallica concert being held on a runway at LaGuardia.

A civilian version is well, stupid.
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