Let's farce the music
Posted by Jon on Tue, 06/29/2004 - 7:53am.
Not particularly. I tend to think that if it's a joke, the Iraqi officials (who have the most to lose) would make a giant stink about it. In the end, though, that might not matter as much.

Here's how it could play out, with various hypotheticals:
1) Handover is actually "a farce", and Iraqi people consider it "a farce". Likely result: revolution of some sort, violent or not.
2) Handover is "a farce", Iraqi people think it's real. Likely result: Some stability, which ends when the truth is found out.
3) Handover is actual, Iraqis consider it "a farce". Likely result: Iraqis undermine the leadership of those officials representing them, system ends without outside intervention.
4) Handover is actual, Iraqis consider it actual. Likely result: Greatest chance for stability.

In my opinion, therefore, the greatest determining factor in the success of the handover is how the Iraqis treat it.
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