Ever since the Industrial Revolution
Posted by paul on Tue, 06/08/2004 - 4:38pm.
technology has been changing at a blinding rate, and it's been steadily accelerating. I don't see any signs of it slowing down, either- the changes in five years have been drastic indeed.

Unfortunately there are only two ways of dealing with this: to try to cling to the safety and comfort of what we already know and get bitter and upset when it keeps changing anyway, or to try to ride it and accept it- and be continually learning new ways. Neither one is comfortable, but how the hell do you slow it down? We're talking about trying to hold back the tide here. So we either ride with it and try to survive that way, or we become Amish.

Surf's up, dudes.

It's well we cannot hear the screams
we make in other peoples' dreams.
--Edward Gorey
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