Posted by ParU on Wed, 06/02/2004 - 10:28pm.
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And I've lost a few FF miles that way too. My 'worst' story about FF miles was a business trip to Orlando that I made reservations the maximum 350 days in advance using FF miles (on Delta) for my family. They originally tried to give me some BS about there not being any FF seats on the flight until I noted that it was ONE YEAR in advance and they couldn't have 'sold' all the FF seats, they just didn't want me to use them.
So fast forward to the trip, I'm there with spouse, 2 kids and 13 pieces of luggage. I give the gate agent my 'paid for' ticket (work) and then when my family tries to use their 'FF' tickets they're told "You didn't confirm within 30 days of the flight so we cancelled your seats". Major upset. Kudos to my daughter who got vocal, I got vocal and the upshot was we got 1st class seats to Orlando (but not for the return). Airlines don't really want you to use those coupons or FF miles.
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