Posted by paul on Fri, 05/28/2004 - 3:23pm.
on a hot summer day, Corona is really pretty good. I wouldn't want something as heavy as even a Sam Adams. Hell, in fact on a really hot day Miller Genuine Draft is pretty good. Cheap beer has its place. But I do draw the line at Bud and Miller Lite.

My tastes in beer tend to depend on several variables: the weather at the time, what food I'm eating, and how much of a particular kind of beer I've had recently. If I've been drinking a lot of lighter beers for a while, I like to switch off to something a bit dark for a while until I get tired of that, at which point I'll go back to lighter beers. Things like Orval and Corsendonk I buy only rarely, as I usually can't justify the expense. Same goes for Chimay, although at about $8/bottle it's a little more reasonable. Unfortunately I've introduced my girlfriend to Chimay, so now I have to share. *grin*

Incidentally, my old standby is still Saranac. Not because it comes from my old home town, but because it's pretty consistently good, especially at $4.69/pack. I usually have that in the fridge.

On a tangentially related note: you know that useless drawer in the bottom of the fridge where people throw their veggies and then forget about them until they've gone bad? I've found a much better use for it- that's where I keep my beer. I can fit three six-packs in there comfortably, and it keeps them out of the way. Then I have the rest of the fridge for food, and it's easier to keep track of what you have that way...

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