Posted by ParU on Wed, 05/26/2004 - 12:11pm.
So as long as we're on the subject - I'll give 2 Loonie pts to the first person who can tell me why Portugal's 'colonies' were in Asia and Africa (and Brazil) and Spain's were in the Western Hemisphere. But why did England have them all over both hemispheres? And a bonus cool pt if you can name the Portugese colony in China. No Googling!
And I agree with peegee, all borders are 'arbitrarily defined' and only 'straight' (as in the Middle East) when a colonial power uses a map to draw the 'line'. Or curved as in the aforementioned case of Canada and the US. Side Loonie pts - which state (besides Alaska) has the northernmost pt in the US? And which state is the southernmost pt?
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