Posted by ParU on Mon, 05/03/2004 - 8:39pm.
As the in-house pedantic, I suppose it's my duty to explain the phrase 'take one for the team' for peegee and those other Europeans who don't understand baseball.
When a batter in baseball is hit by a pitch he gets an automatic 'free base' (doesn't have to hit any more pitches that turn). So it's 'good' for his team if he does that. But it really, really hurts (pitched balls are anywhere from 90 to 100+ miles per hour). And he can't do it 'deliberately' (step into the pitch), so he has to act as if it's an accident (which 99% of the time it is except when Roger Clemens is pitching and he tries to hit the batters). So taking one for the team usually implies doing something selfless for the 'betterment' of your teammates.
Make your own analogies for the male-female scenario.
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