Posted by ParU on Mon, 05/03/2004 - 8:46pm.
Believe it or not Kris - that's why you SHOULD know about this history stuff (and you too S. Neanderthal!). Cause past history really does affect the current world. And it's worse in the Balkans where the Serbs are still pissed (Seriously, they are!!) about the 'Turks' (current day Moslems) who defeated them in a battle in I believe it was 1462 (date may be off a little)!!! Would you believe that thousands and thousands of people have been killed there over that battle from over 500 years ago? Talk about living in the past!
Anywho that situation (and many others like it) exists all over the world and affects things like money, lives, trade and everything else. So you may think they're stupid situations, but if a fanatic tries to do something because of it, you had better understand it to be ready. Especially if you travel outside of the US.
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