Isn't it great to have a Dane around...
Posted by ParU on Fri, 04/30/2004 - 8:50pm.
when we need some education on European history/geography? As an addendum I believe the reason that peegee's map shows 'The former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia' (and is that a ridiculous name or what?) is because of Greece. Greece claims the 'name' Macedonia cause of Alexander the Great, but is petrified that it's own 'Macedonia' region will want to splinter off (Balkanize - it's actually a verb) and join that 'former Yugoslav...'.
And why should y'all care? Cause a similar situation exists in Iraq (umm, can you say 'current events'?) with regards to the Kurds who claim 'Kurdistan' being part of Iraq, Turkey and Iran.
Speaking radically here, a lot of blood (waaaayyy too much blood) has been shed over this 'nationhood' thing. Most people don't care who 'runs' their country as long as it's safe and they've got work and don't have to fear 'the knock in the night' (Don't take away my quote marks!). Thus you have the entire Palestinean problem of people who are being held 'hostage' by their leadership who likes to use their refugee status to get money.
Why yes, I am an American cynic, how can you tell?
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