Shoe shopping
Posted by jcharles on Mon, 04/26/2004 - 8:18pm.
I'm back from China, much against my will. So I'm trying a new life, in a sense, trying to remember what life is like on this continent.

And I went shoe shopping today, with my mother. I'm entirely too tall to buy shoes in Southern China, so it was heavenly to walk into a shoe store and think "They have my size! They have a whole wall of shoes my size! Strappy shoes! Sandals! Women's shoes! So happy!"

I may have gotten a little drunk off the "new leather smell." We bought 4 pairs of shoes. I feel a little better about the whole "Welcome back to America" thing.

(For the Militant Grammarians in the crowd, should that be "4 pairs" or "4 pair"? Please answer quickly, and authoritatively. This is killing me.)

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