I put in a year doing worse than that...
Posted by paul on Wed, 04/14/2004 - 11:43pm.
I worked in a seafood carryout. I was the fry cook. The place was in the middle of a rather poor, rather ethnic and mostly Catholic neighborhood, so on a typical Friday night we did about $10,000 of business, mostly selling fish fries for $2.25 each. After fourteen hours of this, I would walk home and strip, bundle my clothes into a plastic bag so I didn't have to smell them and bathe with lemon juice. And every week some jackass would come in and tell me what the blind man said when he walked past the store*, or how this was a perfect cover for a brothel, or some other mildly obscene fish joke. And then there were the local kids who would order the food, go to pay and pull the bills back and run out the door with the food, and the guy who didn't take a number and started screaming that we were all racists because he had been waiting for ten minutes without being served, and the ones who spoke no English who communicated mostly through gestures and pointing, and the drunks who wanted to sample everything before they ordered their fish fry...

Yes, it gives you a whole different perspective on things.

*Good afternoon, ladies.

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