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Posted by brian65401 on Sun, 04/11/2004 - 5:21am.
Inkjets must die. I had 18 of the little buggers in our building 1 1/2 years ago. And since all 18 were not bought at the same time we had about 12 different models taking 9 different cartridges.
I ordered 18 Lexmark E321s for all those desks and a Networked C750 color laser that I dropped in the General Manager assistant's office. Complaints lasted for about a week that they had to walk across the building for color, then they just stopped printing color. When they do need to print a presentation or something, the 2400dpi laser does a very nice job. Including the cost of printers and toner cartridges I hit the breakeven point in cost savings over the inkjets in 8 months.

At home I have a Lexmark E210 laser that cost $150 two years ago. It was hard to convince my wife that it would be that much better, but she acknowloges that I was right in this case. My local toner remanufacturer replaces a cartridge for $42 which usually lasts me about 9 months (4000 sheets). I have a cheap deskjet that I keep for printing color graphics; I never use it.

For the floor of the warehouse though, I swear by the Okidata 320 series Dot Matrix. They are pricey at more than $300, but ribbons cost almost nothing and the printer is built like a tank. I've never had one of these wear out. We have some that have been in use for 7 years without a hiccup. The only ones we've had to replace were dropped or had something dropped on them.

OH, and the house is under contract! Yeah!
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