Posted by Kris the Girl on Sat, 04/10/2004 - 1:11pm.
It's an HP deskjet 3820.
The cartiges are stuck to the side, and they just...stay there. There's no "let's run back and forth across the printer when we're warming up! routine. When I turn it on, (and this is where I apologize for the following "technical" terms)the rubbery rollers on the bottom do their thing, spinning in both directions. The part where the cartiges go gliding across the bar just never happens, and then it blinks at me like there's a paper jam--but there is no paper jam. There is no paper in the machine, period.
I'm a bit leary to shoot some grease in there, mostly because...I have no idea where to even start with something like that. Plus I'm pretty sure it's something small, like "move that lever back" or "stop poking the badger with a spoon, nitwit" or it's just dirty and needs cleaned--HUGE possibilily, since I live in a dustbowl of a state--but again, where to begin? Feh.
Any other suggestions, oh wise partisans of IP?
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