Printers, emails, and misconceptions about age
Posted by Intelligirly on Sat, 04/10/2004 - 11:02am.
Number one, Cebu and I were both born in the earlier than that 70's. I'd venture a guess that, though there are a few who were born 79 and up, the majority of us were born earlier and are older and closer in age to the man who calls himself "Dad".

Two, dot matrix printers, while harder to find in the last few years, weren't obsolete when I went to college. Annoying, sure. Especially when somehow the paper would jump off the feed and get trapped and twisted like it thought life wasn't worth living any more and it may as well just jump to its pitiful twisted death. REALLY annoying when, like me, you leave writing your papers until at the earliest the night before and have five minutes to print everything out and run to class. Happened EVERY TIME.

And thirdly, I defend some printing of e-mails. I tend to write what amount to journal entries in some and want a hard copy record of the brilliance or angst or complete and utter silliness contained therein. Especially since I haven't had the same computer for very long in a row and have changed e-mail addresses periodically so otherwise I wouldn't be able to save them. It's a concrete memory, a simple way to time travel, if you will. Printing out a chain letter or excessive forward however? yeah, that's kinda dumb.

I love Mike!
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