Printing fool
Posted by Jon on Sat, 04/10/2004 - 8:40am.
I'm another born before '79. Not ages before, mark you, but a few years.

My favorite printer at work story (in the 'Office Space' style) was when a person was printing a seemingly endless document from across the building. I looked at the printer queue, my first line of defence, and noticed it was over 100 pages long. When I looked at the offending document, I saw that it was printing a spreadsheet like so:

page1: line of text
page2: blank
page3: line of text
(ad absurditum)

Yes, it was page-breaking for every blank line on the spreadsheet. When I pointed it out to the person printing it, she didn't give a ****, even though it was preventing anyone else from using the printer.

Another reason why I like my latest job better - people who actually fix problems if they caused them.
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