Angering people who know where you live
Posted by Mike on Fri, 04/09/2004 - 11:27am.
You know that Soundgarden song "Mailman"? That's a really cool song.

So... for some reason we were really into making slingshots one summer. Apparently rubber bands were difficult to come by back then. Somebody got the bright idea to ask the mailman for any extras he had one day and was pleasantly surprised when he gave up a handful.

This turned out to be a tactical error on the mailman's part because the neighborhood was crawling with kids. Every day he'd hear unsolicited requests from the late bandwagon-jumpers: "Can I have some rubber bands?" "Do you have any rubber bands?"

He finally snapped one day when he found one of the younger kids (maybe eight at the time) standing outside the mail truck as he was preparing to get in and drive off. There was the inevitable request-- "Hey, you got any rubber bands?"-- and he mailman, without changing expression, reached into the truck, pulled out a huge barrel of rubber bands (a real live Donkey Kong-style wooden barrel), and dumped it on the kids head without saying a word.

Heh. There were no further requests. This was years before all those shootings so I guess we got off lucky.

We broke so many windows that year, and taught the local squirrels the folly of trying to cross the streets by wire...
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