Posted by Saint on Fri, 02/20/2004 - 10:15pm.
If marriage is truly just a religious institution, then let's get rid of the tax breaks, health insurance deals, automatic inheritance, and other legal perks that accompany it.

So long as marriage is a legal institution, it is wrong to deny it to couples on a religious basis. I mean, Christ, I don't want to get married in your church, or by your minister. And my professing my undying love to my wife doesn't change or cheapen your vows, does it? I don't want to change your ceremony, and couldn't if I wanted to--seperation of church and state. I just want to stand before a judge. I just want the right to see my wife in the emergency room, or intensive care. I want to be able to add her to my health insurance, if she happens to get into a job without benefits. I want to be able to adopt a child with her, not have one of us as the adopting parent and the other just around like a roommate, unable to make medical decisions in the case of an accident.

I've been looking for half an hour, trying to find a quote in the Moon is a Harsh Mistress, of what the Prof says about laws. About how no one wants to pass laws that hurt or inconvenience themselves, only laws that affect other people.

Sorry for the anger. As one of the evil gay people out to destroy the institution of marriage, I get a little bitter on the subject.
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