Posted by Anne Onymous on Wed, 02/13/2002 - 1:46pm.
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And Saint's friend reminds me of a guy covered on PBS once. He basically camped out for 10 years. He lived out of tent. He would find someplace nice, find out who owned it & ask them if he could camp on their property. Eventually he decided to 'settle down' and buy some land. He did so & now runs a camp that teaches how our ancestors lived 150-250 years ago. For example, he had the Cherokee man who makes blow guns come & teach the students how to make them. It's hard, btw. First, you have to straighten the rivercane, it usually has some curve to it. This involves heating the cane, pull the cane against your leg against the curve of the cane. Repeat until straight. And so on.
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