]> mizzeghan's blog http://www.inpassing.org/blog/view/720 enFrom A Long Time Ago http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2179 "Racism is gay."<br /> -- Mike24 July 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2116 "Let me be your kickstand."<br /> <br /> --Chad20 July http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2113 "La Crosse kicks La Ass."<br /> "MINI-VAN...MEGA-FUN!"<br /> "Jehovah's Fitness: running and jumping about for God."<br /> "Isn't it great when plankton mate?"<br /> "Get your learn on."<br /> --various shirts at Urban Outfitters.14 July 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2106 "Why doesn't she tell him that she has bronchitis, instead of just letting him assume she's a mute?!"<br /> "If she had bronchitis he wouldn't kiss her."<br /> "True love shares bronchitis."<br /> -- April and Me [on the Little Mermaid]06 July 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2093 "That reminds me of King Tut's mummified nut-sack!"<br /> -Mitch. No explanation.18 June 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2056 "I wish we could've made it look more like urine."<br /> --Me, commenting on Gabe's mustard-stained "BEER" shirt that we made after cutting him a wicked mullet.2 June 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2019 "Night girl/boy freak. Choose one or the other, then come back to me so I can decide if I'm gay or not."<br /> "Dude, that's the best thing you've ever said."<br /> "Write it down, mutant."<br /> --Kent and Shawn2 June 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2018 "...when they invented pennicilin and all those drugs, this is what happened to my eye, and I got a RECTAL ITCH."<br /> -- my best friend's very straightforward grandfatherMay 30 2004 http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2011 "What's the plural of 'ass'? 'Asss'?"<br /> -- Natalie, hilariously serious18 May 2004. Calculus class. http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/1988 "I got in the fight at computer camp because some kid stole my "Where's the Beef?" hat."<br /> -- Mr. Ferenz, nostalgic and vengefulBen Kweller http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/1982 "It makes this sound when you French kiss it real fast. Don't do it, though. Don't try that on your loved ones."<br /> "What happens when you make love to it?"<br /> "When you make love to it, it breaks. The holes are too small. [Laughs] College kids."<br /> -Ben Kweller and a guy talking about a harmonica at his concert at Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA.