]> Jon's blog http://www.inpassing.org/blog/view/61 enSeen on back of truck http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2297 "O JO TOO SMAL" - Claimed on the back of a building supplies truck.<br /> <br /> Presumably, it used to say <b>N</b>O JO<b>B</b> TOO SMAL<b>L</b>, but letters have worn away due to weather and salt on the roads.<br /> I find it ironic that there's no job too small, except maybe keeping up with painting their truck.Insects http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/1489 <em>"...sounds like giant buzzing insects..."</em> <br> - A friend of mine at work yesterday <br><br> I had to ask him what the deal was. Apparently, if you have headphones turned to a low volume, they can sound like "giant buzzing insects chewing on leaves" to other people in the room. Who knew?