]> Daniel Lehan's blog http://www.inpassing.org/blog/view/1171 enFox http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2753 The two halves of a fox lay either side of the railway line, cut, almost with surgical precision, by the wheels of some train.<br><br> 18th July 2004<br><br> Manor Park Station, London E12<br><br>Missing Love http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2749 2 guys talking in line waiting for a cash machine:<br><br> <i>I’m still in love with the girl I fell in love with .... and lost.</i><br><br> 8th June 2004<br><br> Liverpool St Station, London EC2Is it ? http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2737 An elderly woman with a young boy comes down the stairs to the train platform, holding his hand.<br><br> As the train draws in to the station the child asks:<br><br> <i>Is daddy driving the train ?</i><br><br> She looks into the train drivers carriage and says:<br><br> <i>No, not this one.</i><br><br> 26th May 2004<br><br> Manor Park Station, London E12Lights ... Action ... Cameras ! http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2736 I am standing on a ladder reaching up into the branches of a tree, installing my work Silver Hands for the show What’s That in the Woods ? In a nearby car park, a young man stands by a car, shouting at the driver. He slams his coat down on the car bonnet as the driver gets out. They square up, throw several brief punches and stop fighting. After a few seconds, the driver returns to the car. The young man once again stands by the car, shouts at the driver and slams his coat on the car bonnet. Again, the driver gets out of the car, they both square up, throw several punches, then stop fighting.<br><br> Then, and only then, does a sound boom come into view, and a number of others, who are variously, a cameraman, a sound recordist, the director and a group of other actors, applaud.<br><br> 23rd June 2004<br><br> Millfield Arts Centre, Edmonton, London N17Dead Friend http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2735 A young woman is talking on the mobile, she is calling, probably a woman, who she perhaps does not know. The woman’s phone number was listed on a mobile phone belonging to a mutual male friend. This friend has been beaten up, and perhaps left for dead in Epping Forest. It seems that he had taken a considerable sum of money from his bank account and had then gone missing.<br><br> June, 2004<br><br> Train from Stratford to Manor Park, London<br><br>A Departed Colleague http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2733 Changeover of bus drivers on board a bus:<br><br> <i>I guess there will be a collection.</i><br><br> <i>I will call his wife.</i><br><br> <i>He was a nice bloke, too.</i><br><br> 18th May 2004<br><br> Penzance Bus Station, Cornwall, South West EnglandI Cant Say What She Is http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2732 A young man chatting to his friend Scotty on the mobile:<br><br> <i>Had a lovely evening in London last night, saw Paul. He’s off to Singapore to see a girl. She’s less than a girlfriend, but more than a ...... but I cant say that word as I’m on the train.</i><br><br> 11th May 2004<br><br> Train, Victoria Station to Ramsgate, South East EnglandPavement Press-ups http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2731 A wet and windy day. A man lies face down on the wet pavement, doing an idiosyncratic series of press-ups. This involves raising and lowering his upper body and keeping his legs flat against the ground.<br><br> 30th May 2004<br><br> Hoe St, London E17Bear The Builder http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2730 An articulated lorry waits in traffic. Seated in the passenger seat, wearing a yellow florescent jacket and hardhat, is a full size toy black bear.<br><br> 27th April 2004<br><br> Regent Street, London W1Which Way Do I Go ? http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2729 A bus approaches a roundabout and the female bus driver calls out to a group of schoolboys standing in the aisle:<br><br> <i>Left or right ?</i><br><br> Slightly bemused they chorus:<br><br> <i>Right!</i><br><br> A male passenger strikes up a conversation with her and she explains:<br><br> <i>This is my first day out on my own on this route !</i><br><br> 25th March 2004<br><br> W19 Bus, Wanstead Flats, London E12Give Me A Wave http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2698 Announcement by train driver:<br /> <br /> <i>This is a message to the school party who will be shortly getting off at Bethnal Green Station. There will be a member of staff at the platform to meet you. Please also take your time when getting off the train. There is no need to rush ! When you are all safely off the train, please give me a wave and I will then know you are all off the train.</i><br /> <br /> 24th March 2004<br /> <br /> Central Line Train, London E12That Woman On The Front Page, I Went To School with Her ! http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2697 A woman shows an article that she has cut out from a tabloid newspaper and shows it to another woman. The article has a lurid headline about the boss of a company who used company funds to pay for his visits to a prostitute. The company went bust with over 170 people losing their jobs. There is a photograph of the prostitute who charged £1000 a night. The woman says that when she saw the photograph she immediately recognised it as being someone she went to school with.<br /> <br /> 27th February 2004<br /> <br /> Bus, Leytonstone, London E2Tickets Please ! http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2692 Two ticket inspectors board the bus, as they do so, a young man tries to get off the bus, roughly pushing past one of them.<br /> <br /> The male inspector asks to see his ticket, but the young man refuses, gets past him, and turns round and squares up to him boxer style. A few punches are thrown with the inspector saying: <br /> <br /> <i>Don’t try it !</i><br /> <br /> The bus door closes and just before drawing away, the man runs back to the bus and thumps the side window with great force.<br /> <br /> 9th February 2004<br /> <br /> Bus, Lea Bridge Rd, London E17A Well Read Bear http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2691 The head of a small teddy bear appears from the top of a paperback book being carried by a man, whose path is blocked by a woman arguing with her boyfriend.<br /> <br /> 7th February 2004<br /> <br /> St Martin’s Lane, London WC2Look at These http://www.inpassing.org/node/view/2689 A woman in the front passenger seat of a car holds up a pair of knickers in both hands. The driver of the car is male.<br /> <br /> 7th February 2004<br /> <br /> Ledbury Rd, London W11